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Why Open Offices Are influential.

Why Open Offices Are influential?

One of the most popular and growing trends in Australian workplaces these days, is the concept of the “open office”. This means that as opposed to having private desks that seals off employees from each other, you have open desks that see no walls between employees, and even with management. You might be wondering why they are so popular nowadays. We have the reasons for you:

  • Improves communication between everyone.
    One of the keys to a successful workplace is for a consistent and constant communication line. With an open office, you have the opportunity to communicate freely with fellow employees, as well as management. This will lead to a faster exchange of ideas and a better flow down the hierarchy.

  • Easier to manage.
    You know much easier it is to manage a workplace when it is completely open to you? You can spot the time wasters, see the hard workers and provide guidance to increase productivity.

  • It boosts staff morale.
    Employees love a sense of freedom. Being chained up to a desk days on end takes a toll. That is why it is important to provide employees with a sense of expression. And an open office helps with that. They will free, and with an increase boost of morale, will actually work better.

  • Increased productivity.
    As we just touched on before: a happy employee, means better results. And that is what you want; you want your business to thrive. With an open workplace, your employees will deliver better results and will increase the productivity of your business.