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Tips for Setting up a ‘Private’ Glass Office

Tips for Setting up a ‘Private’ Glass Office

Using glass partitions for your office offers some incredible benefits.  These partitions make offices look a lot more spacious, give that futuristic or corporate vibe and adds plenty of appeal to your office spaces.  Glass partitions are also sustainable since glass is made of sand and is 100% biodegradable, and are even considered energy efficient because natural sunlight can get into the building and fewer light sources are required to get your office spaces lit up.

But glass offices have one major drawback when it comes to privacy.  It isn’t very easy to have private conversations with clients, business associates, colleagues or employees when everyone can see what is going on in the office.  Employees also often feel like their privacy is taken away from them and many people find it hard to work when others are watching them or when there are so many distractions happening in the office.

Here are a few great solutions to creating glass office spaces that are a lot more private.

Acoustic Solutions

Walls are much more acoustically sound than glass partitions but you can overcome this problem by investing in an acoustic glass.  These glass panels consist of two or more sheets of glass that are bonded together with acoustic interlayers.  The double glazing effect dampens lots of sound and is perfect for soundproof office areas such as the boss or managers offices.

Frosted Glass

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a bit of privacy without taking away too much light is by investing in frosted glass office partitions.  You can also get installed office partitions frosted by sandblasting them or by taping privacy film over these glass panels.  You can choose to frost the entire panel, part of the panel or even invest in decorative frosted designs for your office partitions.

Privacy Film

Privacy film can be adhered to glass partitions.  It looks like frosted glass but is a sticker and can even come in different colours.  Plenty of offices and graphic designers create beautiful designs with privacy film by cutting out silhouettes of the company name, beautiful shapes, silhouettes and more.

One-Sided Mirror

One-sided mirror film can be adhered to your glass office partitions.  These will tint your view and will make it much more difficult to see inside the office while you can still see outside relatively well.  It can be a good solution for private offices but might make those outside the office a bit suspicious.

Tinted Glass

You can also consider tinting your glass office partitions.  With tinted glass, you can still see through but the view isn’t as crystal clear as clear glass.

Graphic Designs

If you love a colourful display then consider visiting your local graphic design shop.  They can print vinyl stickers in any design.  You can stick graphic designs in any colour, design, and style to your glass panels to brighten up your office spaces or to make the areas look and feel just a little bit more private.

Consider Mixed Panels

At Discount Partitions, we can install a mixture of glass and drywall partitions in your offices.  You can make part of the office glass and the other parts drywall in order to achieve greater functionality or to create a sense of privacy for those working in these offices.

So, if you are seeking the best solution for your office and our design teams always welcome new and fresh ideas.  If you would like to invest in these types of privacy solutions or need some other ideas on the perfect glass partition office then we welcome you to contact our offices.