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Open Offices Options For You

Get Open Offices Options For You

“Open offices” are now considered a very normal practice for businesses. The benefits of these offices (encouragement of open communication, a flatter hierarchy, closer relations between management and staff, and less expensive) is why the are so popular with businesses. As with all open offices, there are partitions suited to them. We got three of the most popular partitions that work perfectly with open offices.


This is the 50-50 option for many offices. This provides both open communication between employees, while offering privacy. This will provide staff with the best of both worlds, and it is highly encouraged if you want the best option for an open office.

Team Boxes:

This form of open office means teams share one large desk. This will help break up teams to work on their separate projects. This is also perfect for different departments. It is great for teams communicating openly with each other. However, the downside is there are no privacy between employees. Many workplaces have separate team box for teams or departments to work in, before they return to their normal desks.


With three walls surrounding employees, cubicles are very popular for offices that want to create a stronger sense of privacy, while ensuring that there is still some communication. Considered the opposite of “team boxes”: great for privacy, a struggle for open communication.

These are the very most popular open office scenarios that require partitions. There is also the notion of a “completely open” office, where there are no partitions and no cubicles, and the office is open to communication. Privacy is pretty much non existent, and noise can be factor. But many offices do follow this trend thanks to the idea that everyone is sharing one creativity and open bubble.