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How to Choose the Best Office Partitions for Your Workplace

Best Office Partitions For Your Workplace

Office partitions have so many wonderful benefits for businesses.  They are practical, great for enhancing privacy in the office, aesthetically pleasing and they are perfect for distributing light in the office much better.  Your partitions combined with the right office layout can also greatly enhance work efficiency, employee performance, and functionality.

But how do you choose the right office partitions for your workplace?  There are quite a few different types to choose from and it is already challenging to figure out the best possible office design.

Well, at Discount Partitions we are going to make it a little bit easier to choose between all of our wonderful partition products by sharing great tips to help you make the best possible decision.

Choose Your Partition Material

Both glass and plaster can be great for your office space and each of these types has their own unique benefits that should be considered before you make the final decision.

Glass Partitions

Glass is amazing for offices that are limited on lighting and natural sunlight.  Glass partitions won’t obscure or block any light at all and will result in a much more open and spacious look for your office.  Glass also promotes a very modern image for your business and it is great for when supervisors or managers constantly need to keep an eye on the workforce.

Plaster Partitions

Plaster partitions can be a bit more cost-effective and are great for when you need a little bit more privacy.  Plaster is especially recommended for offices that deal with pristine customers or sensitive situations.  The plaster can, however, block out a lot of light and can make an office look a lot smaller.  Plaster partitions is also a lot more versatile when it comes to décor since you can get these partitions painted, laminated, covered in vinyl or lined with fabric.

Metal Stud Drywalls

These partitions are semi-permanent.  Drywall is installed in lightweight steel frames and can be installed anywhere.  These walls are great for fireproofing and soundproofing a room or office.

Consider Demountable Partitions

If you know exactly what you want with regards to your office layout then you can go ahead and choose a partition that is permanently installed.  If your business is still in the growing and expanding phase then it might be better to choose demountable partitions.  Demountable partitions can be tailored to suit your space and can be changed and moved around a lot easier.  The installation process is also a whole lot quicker.

Choose Between Open and Closed Ceiling

Some businesses don’t require soundproofing and open ceiling partitions are perfectly fine for them.  But if your customers and employees rely on privacy to do business then it might be better to close your partitioned with a ceiling.

Consider Maintenance

Even demountable partitions are incredibly sturdy and durable.  Other than cleaning, you probably won’t have to do a whole lot of maintenance on any type of partition.  Glass partitions are probably the toughest to keep clean since glass has a tendency to streak.  If maintenance is going to be a problem then it might be better to choose drywall or plaster or to get your glass partition sandblasted.

Consider Architectural Interiors

It is always best to get experienced help when you are transforming an architecturally designed interior.  At Discount Partitions, we have professional designers who can work with what you have and create the perfect functional and great looking office by considering the space and layout you have.

Choosing the perfect partition is hard work because there are so many different things to consider.  If you need help with choosing then you can definitely give us a shout and we will get a professional to assist you with choosing the best partition for your unique office setup.