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5 Things to Consider When Planning an Office Fitout

Planning An Office Fitout

It is important to take your time when you are planning your office layout and fitouts.  The right office design and layout can greatly enhance the overall look of your office. With the right layout, you can also boost employee efficiency, confidence, and productivity.  This is because your employees get along much better when they have their own personal space, they feel more confident in their jobs when a certain office space is reserved for them and they work much better when office disruptions cannot disturb them in their work.  Customers also navigate and get along much better in your office when they can easily identify where to go to the office.  A good office design can make your company a lot more convenient for clients or associates who prefer great privacy with regards to business.

Consider the following five things when you are planning an office fit out and you will have an office that looks great, promotes teamwork and enhances productivity.

Is the price all-inclusive?

Most business expansions and office modifications are usually done on a tight budget.  As a manager, you need to ensure that there are no hidden costs and make sure that the quote for your office fitout includes everything you need.  Read the quote carefully and check to see if the quote includes design fees, assessment fees, technical plans, project management fees, delivery fees, construction costs and material costs.

The design should match your brand

While it is great to plan for a functional and efficient office it is also important to keep your business image in mind.  Consider various design elements such as your brand colours, company values, business vibe and preferred image so you can get the right branding to match your new office.  You should also keep advertising space in mind when you are planning your office fitout and ensure that there will be plenty of space to promote additional services.

Double check your efficiency

It is important to consider the needs of employees as well as those of your customers.  Consider all the lights and windows in the office, the power plugs and switches, heating and cooling, ventilation and fans and ensure that no employee or client will suffer when a fitout cuts him or her off from these extras.

Are all modifications legal?

Another important thing to consider when you are drawing up those plans is the legal side of your modification.  Is the design legal and safe?  You should also remember to include general building safety standards such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, alarms, good security and create a work are that promotes health and hygiene.

Consider your communication

Another important thing to consider is your communication.  Employees will still have to communicate effectively with one another as well as with associates, suppliers, customers and more.  Your telecommunication system or connection shouldn’t restrict communication with the outside world nor with one another.  Contact your IT specialist and ensure that the IT team is capable of getting every employee connected without causing a whole lot of messes with regards to cabling and installations.

Planning the perfect office is hard work but even this becomes a breeze when you use a professional partition service like Discount Partitions.  We can assist you with your office layouts and design, provide you with the best advice with regards to all of these challenging things that you need to keep in mind and help you get the best possible outcome for your office modification.  Our experienced design and installation teams will ensure that your office becomes an ultimately great place to work in for every employee and client.