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4 Innovative Ways to Partition Your Office

4 Innovative Ways to Partition Your Office

Office partitions are incredible solutions for businesses that want to make the utmost out of each and every square inch of their offices.  With partitions, businesses can create employee’s personal spaces where they can do their work undisturbed and businesses can function a lot more effectively since different areas can be allocated for specific purposes.   

But many people are not quite as enthusiastic about office partitions.  Some companies have used partitions to create tiny cubicles in which employees can work.  While this is a superb way to give employees their own personal space, the cubicles can seem a bit boring, dull and can be frustrating to work in, especially if employees start feeling boxed in.  

Your office partitions don’t have to be anything like these cubicle jungles that employees dread to work in at all.  These office dividers are incredibly flexible and there are many ways you can divide or switch up your office spaces without making employees feel like they are stuck in a boring boxed-in environment.

Here are four innovative ways to partition your office for a great look and an efficient working environment.

Use different or a mix of materials

Using only drywall or steel partitions will give that boxed in cubicle vibe no matter how much you decorate your office.  By switching over to a combination of different materials you can create a different and more breathable environment. Try using as much glass partitions in your office spaces as possible.  Glass is superb for giving you privacy and for dividing office spaces without making offices look small and boxy. In fact, glass partitions can actually make your office look a lot more modern, classy, open and light.

Consider Ideapaint

This is a very affordable solution that will give employees a lot more functionality in their cubicles or office spaces.  Layer your internal wall of partitions with a coat of idea paint. This is basically a coat of chalk paint, whiteboard or magnetic surface that employees can use to write down or pin down their ideas.  This type of solution can give employees much more freedom and will enable them to easily pin down all their ideas, memos, notes or to simply be creative.

Use plant walls here and there

Plant walls are becoming a lot more popular in office spaces because green promotes clear thinking, productivity and gives offices a livelier vibe.  Instead of just using partitions in your office, switch some walls out for plant walls. Plant walls are superb for dividing rooms or for enhancing privacy and also acts as decorating or as a psychological booster at the same time.

Install Vitra workbays

Virta workbays are work areas or office areas that you can move around in the office as you please.  These areas can be used for a great variety of purposes. You can use these areas for storage purposes inside the office, as a bookshelf or even create a phone booth or waiting room.  The possibilities of workbays are endless. The major benefit of this type of partition is that you can move it around the office as you please or reinvent its purpose the way you need it.  This can also be a superb solution for temporary promotions at events.

Partitions are incredibly flexible.  There are so many different ways in which you can use your partition in your office and so many benefits to these type of eco-friendly office dividing solution.  

If you are struggling to come up with an office layout that suits your company or that doesn’t result in that boxed-in vibe then you can give Discount Partitions a call.  We will help you with your office layout and design and can give you plenty of innovative ideas on how to partition your office space.